‘Soft’ pensioner laid to rest after brutal stabbing

Mitchell’s Plain residents are rallying to oppose bail for three men who allegedly stabbed a pensioner to death with a screwdriver.

Close to 400 people signed a petition calling for the trio to remain in jail for the duration of the trial.

Ebrahim Phillips, 64, from New Lentegeur, was robbed and stabbed on the corner of AZ Berman Drive and Charlie Street in the hive, Beacon Valley, on Monday November 6.

Gustav Moses, 31, Walied Schroeder, 29, and Levaile Wagner, 30, were charged with murder and appeared in Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday November 8.

Mr Phillips’ sister Nadia Levy said they were overwhelmed by the support of the community who came to sympathise and were willing to sign the petition.

She said they had been advised by the investigating officer to oppose bail and mobilise the community by their next court appearance on Monday December 11.

“Mr Ebrahim Phillips, fondly known as Hima, was brutally murdered yesterday, 6 November 2017. Please sign this petition to oppose bail for the scum, who murdered him,” reads the petition.

“I want to thank all of the people, who came to help and share their memories and interactions with Ebrahim,” said Ms Levy.

She said he had walked everywhere he went – and all across Mitchell’s Plain.

“He was known for conveying messages, especially janaza notices and wedding invitations.

“He always prayed at mosque and there isn’t a mosque in Mitchell’s Plain, where he is not known,” she said.

“He was a unique person. He was a soft person. He wouldn’t hurt a fly,” she said.

Ms Levy said she had feared that he would be killed because he was always on the road.

“When he came in after dark, and he asked whether to lock the door, I breathed a sigh of relief,” she said.

Her daughter Saudah Levy said he always walked, refused lifts and did his own washing by hand.

Mr Phillips did hair, doubling up as a stylist and barber, and in his bag, which lay alongside his body, had been a hair dryer.

Mr Phillips was buried on Thursday November 9, according to Islamic burial rites, days late because of delays in finalising post mortems, as the Forensic Pathology Services (FPS) were experiencing high case loads.

In line with Islamic practice, the body must be buried within 24 hours of the person having died.