Soar like an eagle

Jamaal Eckstein, 11, Grade 6 pupil from Westville Primary School


You can be whatever you want

Like a doctor, pilot or engineer

Dreams do come true

But it all starts here

If you follow your dreams, they will come true

If you put your mind to it

You can make a better world for me and you

Don’t matter if you are a he or a her

If you work hard and believe, your dreams will appear


Motivation is the thing that keeps people going

Some people find it through people or goals

Without it people would do nothing

People need it like a fire needs coals.


We are Youth

We love games, cars and movies

Such as The Fast and the Furious

We are fun

And also very curious

We are energetic and exhilarating too

We are Young

Younger than you


Poverty is a struggle

Poor people try to overcome

It holds some people back from greatness

But that’s only some

Poverty is not the only struggle

There are many more

Some mental some physical

But once you overcome these struggles, it feels like an eagle able to soar