Sinkhole in Strandfontein

The sinkhole in Strandfontein.

Marlin Street, between Dennegeur Avenue and Trout Way in Strandfontein, was closed for several hours, after a section of the road sunk knee-deep on Friday November 22. At about 6am emergency workers were already trying to remove a truck which went down when the road, which is on a sand dune, collapsed.  In recent months Strandfontein residents have been at loggerheads with Mitchells Fibre about what they describe as disrespect and poor workmanship related to the excavation work being done to lay fibre cables in the area (“Digging dilemmas,” Plainsman November 6). Residents have experienced numerous problems, among them front boundary walls collapsing, and water and electricity supplies being affected. City of Cape Town spokeswoman Maxine Bezuidenhout confirmed the road closure but said it had not had a significant impact on traffic because it was in a residential area.