Single mothers unite at Kaleidoscope event

Director and founder of House of Grace Ministries and Projects non-profit company, Samantha Booysen and facilitator and certified human resources life coaching practitioner, Jacqueline Tamri, at the Kaleidoscope event on Saturday May 14

Single mothers were encouraged to talk about their challenges and be “uniquely you” at an event hosted by a community development project.

Kaleidoscope, under the banner of non-profit company (NPC) House of Grace Ministries and Projects, is a community development project hosted by the NPC’s director Samantha Booysen, (“Single mothers empowered“ Plainsman, November 7, 2018; and ”Exploring the challenges single mothers are faced with“ Plainsman, November 28, 2018).

They started hosting the event after having identified the need for single mothers to be brought together to discuss their challenges and needs in order to receive resources to overcome these challenges.

Ms Booysen said: “It always gives me great pleasure to prepare the room for transformation to take place. We saw transformation take place on Saturday May 14 in many lives.”

Juliet Schoeman who attended Kaleidoscope for the first time, creating art.

Claudia Vithi who participated in the event, said it had been an “amazing experience”.

“I have learnt so much and built relationships with other single mothers who are experiencing similar challenges.”

Adelaide Moore attended the event on Saturday May 14.

Single mother, Pauline Christian said: “Our facilitator encouraged us through the theme – Uniquely You.”

If you would like to attend the next Kaleidoscope event on Saturday June 18, at 2pm, on the corner of Park Street and Caravelle Street, in Rocklands. Register via WhatsApp on 082 690 8785. All Covid-19 protocols will be observed.