Single mothers empowered

Samantha Booysen, founder of House of Grace Community Development, a non-profit organisation, with LaRochelle Muller, from Wesbank in Delft.

Dozens of a single mothers were empowered to support each other, improve their financial circumstances and network to improve their own lives, and those of their children.

House of Grace Community Development, a non-profit organisation, launched the Kaleidoscope programme for single mothers in Portland on Saturday October 27.

Magistrate Michelle Benjamin explained how to apply for child maintenance, while LaRochelle Muller shared her experience of being a single mother.

The NPO aims to bridge the gap between being a single mother and their next chapter (of parenting), to create a safe and supportive space for single mothers to be able to speak about their daily challenges; empower them to further their studies, assist with skills development, assist with their curriculum vitae and parenting skills; encourage women through various testimonies and past experiences; and network with other organisations who are able to help single mothers in their quest to enrich their lives.

A single mother, who did not want to be named, said the programme exceeded her expectations.

“I would definitely come again. I loved the warmth and hospitality. The information was useful. It helped a lot. It was an eye-opener for the future

“It was such an amazing place to be at. I felt free to be myself and loved and not alone,” she said.

The next event will be held upstairs, between the bakery and fishery, in the Quick Trip Centre, corner of Silversands and Merrydale avenues in Portland, on Saturday November 24, at 2pm. For more information, call Tammy Lategan on 082 994 9451 or Samantha Booysen on 083 258 0229.