Shopping spree for grannies

From left, are Fowzia Mckenzie, 70, from Lentegeur,Gafsa Petersen, 80, from Retreat,Rukea Williams, 70, from Lentegeur,Mariam Jacobs, 75, from Beacon Valley, and Asa Allenburg, 65, from Woodlands.

The South African National Zakah Fund (SANZAF) treated 100 grandmothers from Athlone, Retreat and Mitchell’s Plain to a shopping spree, to thank them for looking after their families.

Mariam Stoffels, 88, from Manenberg, took the opportunity, on Wednesday August 10, to put a gown, thermal underwear and boots in her shopping basket.

Normally she would have been buying groceries or something for her grandchildren.

Sanzaf fed the grandmothers breakfast and lunch and gave them R1 000 each to spend at a clothing store.

Sanzaf skills co-ordinator Insaaf Osman said the grandmothers had been on a database of those entitled to Zakah, which is a tax paid by Muslims to help those in need.

They also run a national winter programme every year, Operation Winter Warmth (OWW), to provide essential items to children, the aged and families in need. We identified these grannies, who don’t have money to treat themselves as part of Sanzaf’s winter warmth programme,” she said.

“These are the people who take care of their grandchildren; have to deal with children on drugs and come to us every second month for a food hamper,” she said.

She said the grandmothers mostly chose to buy essential items but some were also excited to be able to splurge on handbags.

Latiefa Wentzel, 63, from Bridgetown, said: “We are grateful for this special treatment. May the Almighty bless Sanzaf for many years.