Sharing stories of success

Cleona Diedericks, 12, a Grade 12 pupil at Cedar High School in Rocklands; founder and co-ordinator of AK Snapshots Study Group, Andrew Koopman, Robin Williams, a Grade 12 pupil at Glendale High School in Rocklands and tutor assistant, Elizabeth Minnaar.

AK Snapshots Study Group is calling on all pupils, teachers, principals and parents, who have interacted with them to put pen to paper and contribute to a book the organisation is putting together to guide, inspire and assist pupils and institutions, who have limited or no resources.

The study group was started in Tafelsig, by Andrew Koopman almost 15 years ago.

Mr Koopman said the purpose of the book they are planning is to create something that others can learn from.

“We did not have a reference, guidance or example of what we do today and the successful results we have achieved over the years.

“Others could emulate this and thus this book would serve almost as a manual as to how to start, recruit, sustain, retain, tutor, mentor, guide, groom, lead, motivate and inspire pupils with almost no resources or limited resources.”

He said pupils’ testimonies of success are evident in the 76 contributions they have received thus far.

Well-known education expert, Professor Jonathan Jansen, will be writing the book’s foreword but they are waiting on the many luminaries in education, like subject advisors, former principals, former Metro South Education District director Glen van Harte, past and current teachers, principals, pupils and parents, who have interacted with the study group to share their stories and experiences.

Anyone with contributions can call Mr Koopman on 081 379 9572 or email