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Pictured from left are Zeenat Gordon, Rashiedah Dramat, Kouthar Miller, Fadeelah Miller, Wolfgat sub-council chairperson Sheval Arendse, Abobokar Dramat, Subeiga Brooks and Abashia Miller.

Al-Maamana Outreach Program-me hosted a party for 10 orphans from two different families to make them feel special and delivered stationery to them at the Lentegeur administration office on Wednesday January 25.

Abobakar Dramat, chairman of Al-Maamana Outreach Programme, said often orphan children, who needed more resources and support, were neglected by society.

“These children cherish what our children take for granted and don’t expect us as parents to just give to them,” he said.

With the help of donors he was able to host the children, treat them to a special meal and party packs, give them shoes and stationery, including books they needed for each of their subjects.

“This was our first event to help the orphans but definitely not the last time,” he said.

Al-Maamana was founded by Mr Dramat’s wife, Rashieda, in 2009, structured to serve the community by feeding them, assisting with funeral services and reaching out to the youth, women and children, unemployed and seniors.

Mr Dramat said while they feed the destitute, including drug addicts, he would rather help orphans who have nothing.

A guardian from Sherwood Park, said the children she looked after did not have birth certificates and had to be taken to process identity documents.

She said these documents were needed to have the children admitted to schools.

“They need toiletries, they need school uniforms, they need help with their school work and we just need to give them a lot of love,” she said.