Senior citizens work the water

Brenda Dreyer, 63, from Portland, stretches her left leg.

Between dropping grandchildren at school and fetching them, grannies are attending aqua aerobics classes at Lentegeur swimming pool.

Close to 40 women, who are 60 and older, were in the pool being put through their paces by instructor Berenice Martin, 72, from Mont Clair Place. Seniors can attend free aqua aerobics classes at Lentegeur swimming pool every Monday to Wednesday, from 10am to 11am.

“I love the water. I am a trained swimming instructor,” said Ms Martin.

She believes that being elderly doesn’t simply mean a life of fetching chronic medication, and she encourages seniors to take to the water.

“Come and get fit. You will be surprised what your body can do in the water, compared to being on land. Because of buoyancy, there is no weight on your muscles,” she said.

Ms Martin started aqua aerobics classes about 10 years ago and met new people, whom she is still friends with.

Brenda Dreyer, 63, from Portland, joined the class to keep fit and healthy.

After the class, she said: “I really enjoyed it, it was nice and lots of fun.”

Rugayyah Arendse, from Lentegeur, said she had to dress quickly because she had to collect grandchildren from school.

Ms Martin is looking for swimming noodles the class can use for resistance training in the pool. Drop them at the pool or call Ms Martin at 073 954 6356.