Science fair promotes physics

Spine Road High School staff are proud of their pupils who participated in the science fair.

Spine Road High School hosted its second annual science fair in May.

Pupils were given a platform to showcase their creative, deductive and experimentation talents, through science.

The event was attended by more than 250 people including parents, guests, teachers, judges and pupils.

The event was coordinated by the school’s science teachers Zulpha Shade, Yusra Adams and Munadia Samsodien.

“We realised that our school didn’t have a science fair and decided to change that. With the help of fellow teachers and the community, we’ve established a way for students to learn more about science, while having fun doing it,” said Ms Shade.

She believes the science fair encourages pupils to choose physics as a subject.

“More students have chosen to study physics compared to previous years and this is because we’ve exposed them to the many opportunities science offers.

“Our intention is to inspire pupils and to make them see that physics is for everyone. Everyone is capable of learning and succeeding. This is why our panel of judges ranges from ballistics to microbiology to environmental scientists.”

Proud principal Riyaadh Najaar was pleased with the outcome
and the number of pupils who enthusiastically participated in the science fair. He said the fair opens new worlds of understanding for the pupils and commended the teachers involved.

“I really need to compliment the teachers who have organised this as they are really inspiring.

“The teachers are the core of the education system. If the teachers are passionate, it will rub off on the children.”