School’s security guards tie the knot

Linda and Joseph Vaas are security guards at AZ Berman Primary School.

Two people who spend their lives protecting others, recently took into their safekeeping each other’s hearts and happiness.

Linda, 62, and Joseph Vaas, 61, who both work as security guards at AZ Berman Primary School in Beacon Valley, met at the school and when Mr Vaas “asked nicely”, Ms Vaas agreed to marry him, and they tied the knot at the Home Affairs office in Town Centre on Tuesday February 11.

Both are from Eersterivier, while Ms Vaas used to live in Beacon Valley.

Mr Vaas, who had not been married before, said he and Ms Vaas had been at the school when he asked her to marry him and a few days later they were husband and wife.

“Ek het mooi gevra,” he said.

Ms Vaas has been working for AZ Berman Primary for more than five years and is also part of the Beacon Valley neighbourhood watch.

Mr Vaas has been at the school for three years.

After they got married, the school arranged a small celebration to congratulate them.

“I was very excited to be marrying Linda. Dit was my eerste keer, so dit was spesiaal vir my,” Mr Vaas said.

This is Ms Vaas’s second marriage.

“Joseph makes me very happy. Before I wasn’t as happy, but now I am very happy. Joseph makes me feel special. He makes me tea, watches TV with me and does all those nice things that I love. We understand each other. He cares for me, and I love him,” she said.