School raps to hygiene song challenge

Sherl Sauls, Leshane-Moore Baartman and Jordan Adams. Llewellyn Lambrechts is in front.

A 7-year-old Tafelsig boy is the lead rapper in a song-and-dance routine promoting Covid-19 safety measures.

Llewellyn Lambrechts and other pupils from Yellowwood Primary School perform in the video for the #BeWiseSanitise challenge to all Cape Town children to learn the lyrics and dance moves and recreate the performance.

Liberty Promenade mall came up with the challenge to encourage the hygiene measures that help to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Llewellyn’s music teacher, Chesray Sauls, said the boy had learnt the lyrics quickly.

“Our school has won three competitions with Liberty Promenade. Their performances and popularity allowed them to be part of the new challenge. It was a wonderful experience. I thought Llewellyn would have stage fright, but, from the word go, he was ready,” he said.

Mr Sauls said the dancing pupils had also picked up the moves quickly with the help of teacher Mandy Kingsley.

Dance pupil Jordan Adams, 14, said he had enjoyed dancing for the video.

“I follow the message to be wise and sanitise. When we go to school, we would sanitise our hands every day.”

Dance pupil Sherl Sauls, 12, said it had taken her a week to master the dance moves.

Llewellyn said he hadn’t been nervous while rapping for the video.

“My teacher, Mr Sauls, said I did a good job. When I grow older, I’d like to be a soccer player and an actor,” he said.

His mother, Keshia Lambrechts, 31, said her son was very outspoken and was active in the minstrels, soccer and acting.

“He makes his family very proud and inspires his siblings, Keana, 13, and Leo, 3,” she said.

His grandmother, Michelle Gardiner, 48, said he got his talent from her. He would usually host little concerts for them in their front room and talk to them a lot, she said.

Brenda Bibby, Liberty Promenade’s general manager, said the children had been selected because of their school’s previous involvement with the mall’s Next Generation musical event in 2019.

The mall had put together the lyrics and dance moves for the challenge and the pupils had practised for a few weeks, she said.

Llewellyn recorded the track at a studio in Woodstock.

For more information on the #BeWiseSanitise challenge, follow the Liberty Promenade’s Facebook page.