School hosts spelling competition

Grade 4 pupils Kayleigh Samuels, Raven Whyte and Spelling Bee coordinator, teacher Megan Jacobs.

An Eastridge primary school principal says he wants the same opportunities for his pupils like he does for his own children.

Littlewood Primary School hosted its fourth annual Spelling Bee competition at Beacon Hill High School on Thursday April 25.

Principal Max Vries encouraged parents to support their children and attend school events.

“Make the child feel important. Let’s celebrate their participation. Let’s celebrate the pupils’ achievements. They deserve accolades,” he said.

Mr Vries said the 26 pupils who made it to the competition round were the top spellers in their classes.

“These are our future leaders. These are the pupils who excel, the pupils who put a lot of effort into achieving,” he said.

“We teach our children to excel and to be better,” he said.

Mr Vries said he implored the teachers to ensure the pupils realise their potential, which is what he would like for his own children.

“Give the pupils the best,” he said. “Support us. Support your children, they are the future.”

Mr Vries said a Grade 12 pupil had been given the best of farewell to his matric ball only to have failed the final examination.

He said there was something seriously wrong with this event because the child’s presumed success was celebrated prematurely.

Spelling Bee coordinator and teacher Megan Jacobs said the competition went a long way to encouraging the pupils to read and improve their literacy results.