Safety a priority

William Simmers, co-ordinator for Mitchell’s Plain Community and Advice Development Project (MPCADP)

The Mitchell’s Plain Community and Advice Development Project (MPCADP) is taking this opportunity to remind all of us about the important things in our lives at this time of the year.

The safety of our families, our communities and everyone in Mitchell’s Plain is our priority.

We are looking forward to a peaceful joyous occasion – festivities, holidays, travelling, receiving and visiting loved ones.

We need to be aware of what is happening around us – in our areas, on the beaches, holiday camps and on the roads.

We must act responsibly.

We must enjoy wherever we go and we need to assist those who do not have.

The neighbourhood watch and the police cannot prevent crime without the help of the community.

We must assist to eliminate the bad elements in our community.

All non-government organisations (NGOs), community based organisations, senior clubs, clinics, day hospitals and schools must be respected and looked after.

These premises belong to us, the people of Mitchell’s Plain.

The MPCADP office will be closed from Friday December 15 until Monday January 15 next year.

We also take this opportunity to wish all a peaceful and joyous festive season. We hope that 2018 will be the best year so far.

Go well, with all the blessings.

MPCADP will be having its biannual meeting at the security boardroom in Town Centre on Tuesday November 21, at 11am.

For more information call the advice office on 021 392 2000; visit them at Room 13, First Floor OGS Building (Engen Garage) corner of First Street and Fourth Avenue, Town Centre; or email