Rubble cleared

Construction vehicles are clearing the site, which once was the Rocklands Shopping Centre, corner of Caravelle Street and Park Avenue. The Shoprite section of the centre was gutted in a fire on December 14. The rest of the building, where several other small business were operating from, was evacuated. There had been two other smaller fires started allegedly by skarrelers (people who scavenge for whatever they can sell) either taking shelter or burning metal; and the building was gutted and demolished brick by brick by thieves and looters. It has been nearly three months that the site lies in ruins (“Residents demand answers about ruined Rocklands centre”, Plainsman February 22). A follow up meeting will be held at Rocklands civic centre on Tuesday April 18, at 11am about the future of the site. For more information call Danny Christians, councillor for Ward 79 parts of Portland and Rocklands, on 084 411 1166.