Rocky start to Mitchell’s Plain lockdown

The bus and taxi terminus in the Town Centre, which usually buzzes with people and vehicles, was mostly empty on Friday March 27. PICTURE: MARSHA LEITCH
Liberty Promenade mall was busy the first day of the national 21-day lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday. No more than 100 people were allowed inside the mall at a time, so shoppers, including seniors, waited outside for up to two and a half hours for their chance to enter. There was little evidence of social distancing as they went in.

The national 21-day lockdown to fight Covid-19 got off to a rough start in Mitchell’s Plain, with children playing in the street, cars driving back and forth and people in long queues at malls and shopping centres.

At Liberty Promenade, people waited at all entrances for over two and a half hours to get inside.

While the bus and taxi terminus in the Town Centre was mostly empty, the centre’s parking lot was full and people were queuing at Shoprite, Boxer and Cambridge food supermarkets. Residents claimed they were out to get medication, find food and retrieve parcels left at the mall, but it was evident there was a lot of confusion about the new regulations.