Rocklands organisation uplifts youth

From back left are Codi Harris, Muminah Abrahams, Taurah Aploon, Basheerah Madatt, Brooklyn Fortuin and Riezqah Adams. In front from left are Kirron Wildschut, Bilqees Samuels, Zahrah Morat, Ifrah Hendricks and Inshaaf Leeman.

The Child and Youth Development organisation in Rocklands has set it as their mission to uplift youth in the neighbourhood and to improve the environment.

“Our aim is to uplift our youth by hosting classes, for youth until age 35, on important topics such as human trafficking, bullying, peer pressure, alcohol and drug abuse, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, how to be successful and how to overcome your fears – to name a few,” said Riezqah Adams, chairwoman of the organisation.

They would also like to fix the parks in their area, have proper sporting equipment and help those who need it with stationery, said Ms Adams.

On Sunday March 21, they had a pageant in the park between Beechcraft road and Heinkel roads in Rocklands and on Saturday May 1, they will be hosting a mass boeka for their area on the corner of Beechcraft and Heinkel roads.

For more information about the Child and Youth Development organisation or to support their efforts, WhatsApp them on 061 030 5546 or email them at

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