Robbers caught

Five men were arrested on Baden Powell Drive behind Rocklands sports field.

Five men allegedly involved in the robbery of Kalky’s Fisheries are due to appear in the Muizenberg Magistrate’s Court after they were nabbed when their get-away vehicle was stopped on Baden Powell Drive in Rocklands.

They fled the fisheries with an undisclosed amount of money and the owner’s gun after 8am on Monday November 4.

While leaving the fish shop, they opened fire and a traffic officer, standing down in Kalk Bay Harbour, was struck by a stray bullet in his right arm.

Mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith, said the traffic officer witnessed the men fleeing from a nearby restaurant and raised the alarm about the robbery, providing a description of the getaway vehicle, which was spotted by law enforcement officers in Muizenberg.

They gave chase along Baden Powell Drive, and managed to catch the men, who jumped out of the vehicle, and arrested them behind Rocklands sports field.

“The quick thinking of the City’s enforcement staff involved in this incident was key in tracking down the suspects who are now behind bars, and likely to face a range of charges.

“I commend the staff for their actions, and I would also like to wish the officer who was wounded a speedy recovery,” Mr Smith said.

The City will provide the necessary support services to the traffic officer, including counselling.

Stephen Knapp, Muizenberg police station spokesman, said the white Hyundai Getz was hijacked in Manenberg in March.

He said the men face various charges, including hijacking, business robbery, attempted murder and being in possession of a firearm without a licence.

They confiscated a .38 special revolver – of which the serial number was removed.