Reunion and high tea

■ Al Wadood Haj Jamaah will have a reunion and high tea at The Farm Recreation Centre in Montrose Park on Saturday November 18, from 3pm to 8pm. Hajji Wadooda Simons, pictured, said Al Wadood Haj Jamaah started in 1990 and offers Ta’aleem and classes on hajj and burial rites. “Our hajj class is planning to go for umrah, insha’allah (God-willing), in 2017/2018. We have arranged a few fund-raising events towards this and we appeal to people to support this next event whole-heartedly. Please bring along any memorabilia you might have, pictures and so on. We are looking forward to spending time with you.” Tickets are R30. Call Hajji Simons on 063 892 5045 or Shahieda Newman on 072 107 0266.