Residents want field fenced off

Ward 75 councillor Joan Woodman has stepped in to assist New Woodlands residents who are calling for a field to be fenced off to ensure the security of their area.

Residents told the Plainsman they could no longer “handle” the criminal activity in their area and want a gate to be installed at Johannes Meintjies field, bordered by Nita Spilhaus, Frieda Locke, Wren Sargent, Sydney Taylor, Wolf Kibel, Pieter Wenning, Neville Lewis and Jean Welz crescents.

The residents of Nita Spilhaus and Frieda Locke crescents would like the gate to be installed on the part of the field bordering their streets.

Nita Spilhaus Crescent resident Faatiemah Janodien, 29, said it was not safe in the area.

“The criminal activity in the area affects all of us. A shooting broke out in the area as this is a very busy street. The residents have provided the Ward 75 councillor with a petition,” she said.

Shireen Lawrence, 53, who lives in Frieda Locke Crescent, said the criminals regularly run through their streets, shooting at each other.

“The children would play in the park and when a shooting breaks out, they are in the middle of it. If the City decides to put up the gate, it would make a difference,” she said.

Another Frieda Locke Crescent resident, Raghmat Jasson, 58, said she had been deeply affected by the criminal activity in the area.

“An incident took place in my house in 2017, which I choose not to explain, but it left me and my family very traumatised and there was nothing I could do about it,” she said.

Haniefa Petersen, 39, who also lives in Frieda Locke Crescent, said there was a lot of foot traffic through their area.

“We see new faces every day,” she said. “If the gate was up, we would be able to control who comes and goes.”

On Thursday January 9, Ms Woodman visited the area and its residents and then held a meeting with Frieda Locke residents Wednesday January 15.

Ms Janodien said the residents of Nita Spilhaus had not been notified about the meeting.

Ms Woodman said she would meet with Nita Spilhaus Crescent residents soon regarding the field.

When asked about crime patterns in the area, Lentegeur SAPS’ Constable Felicia Adams said the area was not considered high risk.

The high risk areas in the precinct, she said, were Morgenster and Eisleben roads and AZ Berman Drive, where robberies are reported regularly, with cellphones being the most commonly stolen items.

She added that there had, however, been a shooting at Nita Spilhaus Crescent in New Woodlands at 4pm on Wednesday January 18.

Two men were injured and one man was shot and killed. The motive is unknown and the investigation is ongoing. One man was arrested for the shooting and he will appear in court soon.

If you have information on this case contact Constable Adams on 021 377 5008.