Residents urged to take care of seniors

: A thankful Gafsa Adams from Eastridge with her parcel.

On Wednesday January 18, 50 Eastridge residents received food parcels from Agents for Change, an NPO based in the area and established in 2000 to assist residents with legal services.

This includes evictions, housing issues, pension and water cuts, and the organisation distributes the parcels annually, specifically for seniors.

Gordan Krams from Eastridge opened the hand-over with a prayer, thanking those involved in the initiative.

Chairperson April Engelbrecht expressed his gratitude to the sponsors for their generous donations and urged residents and businesses to support the less fortunate and the senior citizens.

“Sadly, our seniors have to suffer and make ends meet with the little money they receive from government. They get about R1 500 and have to buy food, pay for water and electricity. How are they able to do so if they are receiving this amount monthly?”

Wilma Nelson from Eastridge agreed with Mr Engelbrecht, saying: “It is important that our seniors are looked after. They have made a valuable contribution to our society and should be appreciated. These days everything is expensive. For example, if you go to the shop with R200, you will only get two bags of items – which is ridiculous.

“So I thank those who invest in us and care about the seniors of our community,” she said.

Brenda Bason said Mr Engelbrecht always went the extra mile to help the community.

“I needed assistance with evictions in 2008, and the organisation didn’t hesitate to assist. I am now still in my house,” she said.

For more information, or to get involved, call Mr Engelbrecht at 073 5439 775 and 083 9521 409.