Residents support raped teen

Solomon Philander, councillor for ward 79, and Wolfgat sub-council chairman, his wife Safeline director Rochelle, his ward committee members Carol Mentor, Mariam Mohamed, Safeline volunteer Patricia Williams, and Soraya Rigby outside Mitchell's Plain Magistrates Court.

Mitchell’s Plain residents
and community leaders
are rallying support for
a Strandfontein girl, 13, who has
spoken out about being raped,
allegedly by a senior City of Cape
Town official and prominent community leader. 

They stood outside Mitchell’s
Plain Magistrate’s Court on Monday June 22, calling for bail to be
denied after the official, 54, was
arrested on Friday June 19. 
He was remanded in custody
and is due back in court on Monday June 29. 
Eric Ntabazalila, National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson, said it was too early to
speak about sentencing but a person convicted for the rape of a
minor faces life imprisonment.
The man is alleged to have raped the girl, a relative, over a
period of three years. 
According to a Daily Voice, the
girl’s family say doctors confirmed
their daughter had been repeatedly raped and sodomised. 
The last assault was possibly two
weekends ago. 
Elton Jansen, Sub-council 23
chairman and councillor for Ward
43 (Strandfontein and parts of
Philippi), strongly condemned the
rape in a media statement.
“The saying goes one is ‘innocent until proven guilty’, however
in the light of the reports I am
giving my support to the victim
and her family unconditionally,”
he said.
Mr Jansen also said that the
accused should not be released on bail.
Solomon Philander, chairman
of Wolfgat Sub-council and councillor for Ward 79 (Beacon Valley,
Eastridge, Mitchell’s Plain CBD and parts of Portland),
said: “We stand united
behind the 13-year-old
victim, who was raped
allegedly by a man,
54. We say enough is enough”.
Eastridge community worker Wardah Cay
in her WhatsApp status
called on men to fight
for the women in their
“Rape is rape. Catch a wake up; don’t wait until it knocks at your door!”
Ms Cay called on
residents to join them in
their protest against rape
at the court on Monday June 29.
Upon receiving information that the accused was arrested for the rape of the minor, Unchain the Plain Foundation, of which the accused was an executive member, suspended him with immediate effect pending the outcome of the criminal investigation and judicial process.
Chairman Mark Skriker said
the law must be allowed to run its course without fear or favour.
“We want to highlight that the Unchain the Plain Foundation strongly condemns any form of violence against women and children.”
He also said that they were not privy to any further information on the matter, which would be clarified as the court process unfolds.