Residents receive title deeds

Residents of Woodlands and Lentegeur received their title deeds on Human Rights Day from the City of Cape Town.

As the country celebrated Human Rights Day last Wednesday, residents of Woodlands and Lentegeur received the title deeds to their homes from the City of Cape Town. As councillor for Ward 43, Elton Jansen handed over the title deeds to the residents, he said: “We are trying to fast-track the process of people living in council houses for many years so that they can be proud owners of their properties.”

One of the recipients, Willie Fortuin, 63, from Lentegeur said: “I am so happy – happy that the council could assist with providing the means to live in my own home.”

Eddie Andrews, the mayoral committee member for area south, said: “Everyone seated here this morning has a story and as a local government we are glad we can add to your story.

“This title deed we are handing over to you is more than just a piece of paper; it is a symbol of our triumph and it gives you a place you can call your own.”

With a moment of silence, those gathered remembered the ones who had passed on before they could receive their title deeds.

Mr Andrews reminded the recipients to take out insurance for their homes and household contents and to ensure they drew up a legal will that ensured the house would be left to someone of their choice.

Since 2011, the City has handed over 5 000 deeds a year, with last week’s handover seeing 28 Woodlands and 21 Lentegeur residents receiving their title deeds.

“This is a victory for all of us. Happy Human Rights Day,” said Mr Andrews.