Residents petition for speed humps

Residents want a speed hump installed on the same spot where this car is positioned in Dune Drive.

Fed up with cars zooming down their street every day, 19 residents have signed a petition for three speed humps to be installed in Dune Drive in Woodlands.

The residents are pressing for speed humps on the corner of Swallow Road and Dune Drive, the corner of Choir Road and Dune Drive and in the centre of Choir and Swallow roads.

A resident in Dune Drive and the circulator of the petition, Samuel Royine, 67, said the car racing and spinning affected them, especially at night.

“I am sick and tired of this noise. I pray for our children here as it is dangerous. The children in the area are also affected by the fast cars in the street,” he said.

Another Dune Drive resident, Victor Vester, said his wall had been damaged by cars hitting into it when they came around the bend.

“We need speed humps down this road for more control. The drivers and taxis have used our road as a short cut since Selene Way opened.”

Another resident, Maria Jaftha, said residents had petitioned for speed humps in 2017 which had been installed on the other side of Dune Drive, not in the area where they lived.

“We have applied for the whole of Dune Drive to have speed humps so that we don’t have to live through the noise all the time.”

Raphael Martin, Sub-council 23 manager, said requests for speed humps needed approval from sub-council.

It is sent to the traffic engineers for an assessment, which can take about three to six months for an outcome. When this is concluded, they will advise with reasons whether they support or decline a request. If the speed humps are approved, the councillor must find money for them in the ward budget.

Joan Woodman, Ward 75 councillor said the request had been sent for assessment to the City’s Transport and Development Authority.