Resident offers free rides for elderly’s hospital visits

Gerome Hendriks, from Rocklands offers seniors free rides to and from Mitchells Plain Community Health Care Centre.

The red Nissan Sentra parked outside of Mitchell’s Plain Community Health Care Centre (day hospital) has become a familiar sight to seniors, particularly those needing a lift to and from the hospital.

Gerome Hendriks, 42, from Rocklands offers free rides to seniors who need to be transported to and from the hospital. He started the initiative in 2015, and Covid-19 has forced him to change how he does things, so he gives a lift to only two people at a time, wears a mask and sanitises his car after every use.

“It is important for them to be on time for their appointments. Most of them would skip their appointments because they’re afraid of using public transport. I transport them safely, with peace of mind,” he said.“This is what I live for and this is part of my purpose – to help those in need in these difficult times.”

Mr Hendriks and his wife Charleen 42, have their own business through which they earn an income to sustain themselves. She bakes cakes and he sells blinds.

Ms Hendriks helped provide breakfast to children at Eisleben Primary School and they also hand out bread in the evenings during lockdown.

For more information you can call Mr Hendriks at 072 199 6672 or follow their Facebook page Kingdom Foundation Investors.