R475 000 drug bust in Lentegeur

A screenshot of the video of a woman and policeman fighting,

A video of a policeman and a woman fighting at Lentegeur police station has been circulating on Facebook since Sunday January 15.

The 23-year-old woman was arrested on charges of crimen injuria and resisting arrest.

According to police the incident is still under investigation.

Two men, aged 18 and 20, were arrested in connection with a robbery that occurred at a tuck shop on the corner of Mars and Aquarius streets in Rocklands on Thursday January 19.

According to police, a truck in Caravelle Street had been making deliveries at the tuck shop when the driver was approached by two me, one of whom was armed with a firearm. They then took an undisclosed amount of money and fled on foot.

They had also tried to rob the tuckshop but failed.

Phillipi police station spokesman Lance Goliath said when the information was conveyed to the two constables who were patrolling in the area, they realised that the suspects matched the description of two men they had searched in the same area earlier that day.

“They then immediately launched a manhunt and were lead to a house in Celebes Street in Rocklands. The two police constables found the men who matched the description of the suspects involved in the armed robbery.”

When the men were searched, police found an fake firearm on one of them and an undisclosed sum of cash on the other.

Captain Goliath said both suspects will be charged for the armed robbery and attempted business robbery in connection with their attempt to rob the tuck shop.

An 18-year-old man was arrested for pointing a firearm at two children in Park Avenue in Westridge, on Friday January 20.

A Mitchell’s Plain police reservist happened to be driving by when he noticed two men on a motorbike pulling up alongside two school children on the pavement.

The driver of the motorbike pulled out a firearm, which he pointed at the children. The reservist stopped his vehicle and drew his legal firearm, identified himself and instructed the man to drop his firearm. He, however, refused and a struggle ensued.

The reservist managed to disarm the man and restrain him.

Before the police arrived, a school girl was robbed of her cellphone.

The suspect was later linked to the earlier incident and faces charges of armed robbery, pointing a firearm and possession of a prohibited firearm. The firearm was a gas gun.

A man, aged 36, was arrested for being in possession of 33, 9mm live rounds of ammunition in Hartbees Street in Eastridge, on Wednesday January 18, at 5pm. Mitchell’s Plain police searched the house and found ammunition hidden inside a bed post in the bedroom. He faces a charge of illegal possession of ammunition.

Three men, aged 36, 42 and 43 were arrested for being in possession of mandrax with an estimated street value of R475 000 in Kreupelhout Street in Lentegeur on Wednesday January 20 at about 8.40am.

The operation, at what police say is a well-known drug outlet, was conducted by the Tactical Response Team (TRT) of the Mitchell’s Plain cluster. The three suspects will be charged with being in possession of drugs.

Mitchell’s Plain Cluster Commander, Major General Abraham Goss said police would continue clamping down on crime and perpetrators.

“Police will maintain their zero tolerance approach in the combating and investigation of crime. Strengthening the partnership between the community and the police is high on the agenda as it is contributing to reducing crime and the apprehension of perpetrators thereof,” he said.

Major General Goss thanked members of the Tactical Response Team and the respective communities in the precinct for a job well done. Contact the police at Crime Stop on 0860010111. All information will be treated as highly confidential.