Quarantined celebrations

Tabitha Elizabeth Willemburg, from Tafelsig, had a quarantine-themed first birthday.

Cupcakes decorated to look like a coronavirus particle, face masks, protective gear and quarantine signs were the order at the day at the first birthday party of a Tafelsig toddler.

Tabitha Elizabeth Willemburg was supposed to have had an Easter-themed party with a garden shoot on Tuesday April 7, but then President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the Covid-19 national lockdown on Monday March 23.

Her mother Candice told the Plainsman, they had gone all out with party arrangements because Tabitha had had a tough year – with health complications.

“Then it was lockdown and we could not collect the T-shirts and go out.”

And, she said: “It’s our first girl.”

Then Candice’s sister suggested a quarantine-themed party and to still make it special.

“We started thinking of ways to create the decor as the shops were only selling essentials.

“We wouldn’t get balloons and danger tape,” she said.

Tabitha’s parents jumped into action by making their own decorations with cardboard, koki pens, yellow and white danger signs.

Her dad Warren baked and decorated the birthday cake and cupcakes, which looked like the coronavirus, which had initially grounded this party to a halt.