Pupils ready for class as schools reopen

Grade R pupil Peyton van Wyk looks around nervously. With her is classmate Kaylee Bredenkamp.

There were mostly smiles from Grade R and Grade 1 pupils attending orientation programmes at various schools in Mitchell’s Plain yesterday, Tuesday January 16.

Grade R teacher Gail Hendricks, at Highlands Primary School, told the parents not to be nervous as she opened the school gates 30 minutes before 9am when the one-hour meet-and-greet session was due to start.

“Don’t be nervous, your big babies will be fine,” she said.

Her colleague Amanda Martins, calming a crying pupil, said: “We just want to say hi so they are ready to start tomorrow with the learners”.

Grade 8 pupils Mustapha Sattar and his cousin Aleyah Rhoda while en route to orientation at Princeton Secondary School, in Woodlands, wished all pupils good luck for the new academic year.

Grade R teachers Gail Hendricks and Amanda Martin, have been teaching at Highlands Primary School for 20 years. They did not have many pupils crying because their parents were former pupils of the two teachers. “The parents knew their children would be in good hands,” said Ms Martin.
Christopher Matthews opens the car door for his daughter Emma, who is off to Grade 1 at Woodville Primary School, in Woodlands.

Ayub Fisher is ready for Grade R at Highlands Primary School.
Ajay Petersen and former Grade R classmate Leah Carolus wait outside Woodville Primary School for the school gates to open. They are both excited to be in Grade 1 this year but don’t know whether they will be in the same class. With them are Ajay’s mother Maggie Davey and Leah’s grandmother Vanessa Ramsay.
Mika-Rose Wildschutt is ready fro Grade R. With her is her mom Juliana.
Ayesha Rhoda walks her daughter Aleyah, and nephew, Mustapha Sattar, to Grade 8 orientation at Princeton Secondary School, in Woodlands.
Pictured clockwise, from left, are Grade R pupils Kendra Anta, Anelang Dzakwa, Tara Arendse, Anelo Dzakwa, Aaliya Blakenberg and Amira Angus.