Pupils given career inspiration

Cape Community Newspapers sports editor Fuad Esack, Plainsman reporter Marsha Bothma and Fouzia van der Fort.

Eastville Primary School pupils were encouraged to pursue their career dreams.

Cape Community Media sports editor Fuad Esack, Plainsman reporters Marsha Bothma and Fouzia van der Fort; traffic, fire and rescue and law enforcement officers took part in a career information session at the Eastridge school on Friday March 3.

The programme was organised by Dale van Staden, a member of the ACDP Youth League in Mitchell’s Plain who started a carees day campaign at Imperial Primary School, in Beacon Valley, in August last year (“Career day inspires youth,” Plainsman August 31).

Mr Esack told the Grade 7 pupils to never give up on their dreams.

“Never stop chasing them. If you don’t quite reach what you wanted to do or set out to do, you start all over again. We can always try again,” he said.

Ms Bothma told the pupils that they were also journalists in their everyday life as they documented their experiences in their diary, in poetry or TikTok videos.

“That is you writing down what happened to you. That is you producing content and sharing it with others,” she said.

She said that pupils’ dreams were real and that they should work hard to achieve them.

Principal Kathrina Heynes principal thanked the professionals for volunteering their time.

“You service our school and our community and matches the value that we are working on in March, which is helpfulness,” she said.

Ms Heynes said by sharing these occupations with the pupils they would that there are opportunities which they just needed to grab.

“Work hard for success,” she said.