Pupils encouraged to speak out

From left, are Cascade Primary School pupils Miquel Lodewyk, Mushfiq Simons, Qadirah Fataar, Rekesiah Rudolph and Laylah Davids praying at an anti-drug programme.

Primary school pupils were told to find someone they trust to share their worries and fears with, to avoid being consumed by them.

Alvina Noch, also known as Spike from Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Cape Flats, shared her experience of being raped when she was 15 years old and living in fear until she stopped taking drugs nine years ago.

The Department of Social Development hosted pupils from Cascade, Eastville and Yellowwood primary schools at Yellowood on Wednesday June 20.

Guests included representatives of the police dog unit, the Kharismatic Dance Club and the Department of Correctional Services.

Ms Noch said: “He told me ‘as jy vir enige iemand sê dan maak ek vir jou dood’.”

She went home and could not tell her mother.

“I felt dirty, ashamed. On the inside I was screaming ‘mommy help me’ but I was in shock (and) I couldn’t open my mouth,” she said.

She said while sitting in the bath that night she convinced her brain that it never happened. Ms Noch also shared that her father was shot dead, when she was 10 years old.

“Ek het groot geword sonder ‘* pa and built up some sort of defence,” she said.

Following the rape she turned to satanism and gangsterism to fit in and not let anyone think there was something wrong with her.

“Listen to me. Find someone you can confide in. Tell them because once the roots of a tree grow in you it is difficult to stop it from growing. I thought the gang would protect me. I had a gangster boyfriend who raped me countless times after that and because I did not know better. I thought it was love,” she said.

Ms Noch said she was taking chances with her life and that of her unborn child. Her boyfriend used to hit her, he would pull out a gun, tell her to run and just open fire.

“My son was born dead, his heart was in distress but by the grace of God he breathed again,” she said.

Ms Noch encouraged the pupils not to give up hope.

“Yes, I survived but not everybody can survive gangsterism and drugs,” she said.

Ms Noch said it took strength, courage and intense counselling to work through her emotions following her rape, drug use and teenage pregnancy, suicide attempt and involvement in satanism.

Sergeant Alan Petersen, from the police’s K9 unit, said they help out with serious crimes, including murder, rape and drug abuse.

by the local police station