Protect our Chief Justice

Rozario Brown, Eastridge

The recent break-in at the offices of the Chief Justice is a new low for our country.

Each and every South African should be more than concerned about this development.

We should condemn these actions in the strongest terms, but we should also demand swift action from our government.

This is tantamount to a declaration of war.

The Constitutional Court has proven itself to be totally independent and these judges have proven themselves to be incorruptible.

The judiciary has proven itself to be solid and committed to ensuring that our constitutional rights are being protected. We can trust our judiciary.

The targeting of our Chief Justice is the clearest indication yet, that those who are hellbent on bringing the country to its knees and to the brink of collapse, want chaos and anarchy to reign in our country.

Regardless of the political parties we support, regardless of our religious and cultural backgrounds, the time is now for us all to unite and defend our judiciary and our Chief Justice.

Personal security around the Chief Justice should also be increased because we do not know what these scoundrels were looking for, but we now know that they were desperate enough to pull off such a daring break-in.

Local, continental and international experts, must be brought in to find the culprits.

University students, religious groups, NGOs and all those who want our country and democracy to succeed must now come together and demand decisive action from government in bringing the culprits to book. This matter cannot be dealt with as a normal break-in.