Proposed changes to sub-council boundaries

Pictured standing at the back, from left are, councillors for Ward 79 Danny Christians, Ward 75 Joan Woodman, and for Ward 43 Elton Jansen.Councillors for Ward 92 Norman Adonis, Ward 81 Ashley Potts, Ward 82 Washiela Harris, Ward 78 Goawa Timm and Ward 76 Avron Plaatjies.

Capetonians have until mid-January to have their say on proposed amendments to sub-council boundaries.

City of Cape Town councillors decided in a full council meeting in the Civic Centre on Wednesday December 15 that six proposals be advertised for public comment on the amendment to the Sub-council By-Law, to include one of the two proposals for new boundaries.

This was based on Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis’s appointment of Matthew Kempthorne to initiate the process to establish the new boundaries, with a multi-party committee, including the Democratic Alliance, African National Congress, Aljama-ah, Democratic Independent party, Patriotic Alliance and the Cape Independent Party.

The need for the establishment of new boundaries for sub-councils is necessary because new ward boundaries were determined for the 116 wards in the City for the new term of council by the Demarcation Board for the local government elections held on November 1.

As a result of the change in ward boundaries (“Ward confusion reigns”, Plainsman September 22), sub-council boundaries will have to be amended.

The DA proposed that ANC councillor Mboniswa Chitha for Ward 35, including Philippi and the Phola Park area; DA councillors Avron Plaatjies for Ward 76, which includes Ikwezi Park, Mandalay and Lentegeur; Washiela Harris for Ward 82 – Tafelsig south-west of AZ Berman Drive; Norman Adonis for Ward 92, which includes Beacon Valley, Eastridge and Tafelsig; and Solomon Philander for Ward 116 – Beacon Valley, north of, and excluding Imperial Primary School, Eastridge, south-west of AZ Berman Drive, Mitchell’s Plain central business district (CBD), and Eastridge north-east of AZ Berman Drive – form Sub-council 12.

For Sub-council 23, they proposed that it included ANC councillor Lungisa Somdaka for Ward 33, that is Aan de Wijnlanden Estate – along Baden Powell Drive, across from the N2; DA councillors Elton Jansen, for Ward 43, including Philippi, Strandfontein, the Mitchell’s Plain waste water treatment works, and Weltevreden Valley; Joan Woodman for Ward 75, that is Colorado Park, Morgan’s Village, Wildwood, Woodlands, Highlands Village, Hyde Park, Weltevreden Valley and Westgate; Goawa Timm for Ward 78, including Lentegeur, Portland and Westridge; Danny Christians for Ward 79, that is Portland and Rocklands; Ashley Potts for Ward 81, including Rocklands, Westgate and Westridge; and ANC councillor Vuyolwethu Mqadi for Ward 88, including most of Philippi.

The ANC proposed that Sub-council 12 include Wards 78, 79, 81 and 82; and Sub-council 23 include Wards 43, 75, 76, 92 and Ward 116.

Aljama-ah proposed that Sub-council 12 include Wards 35, 76, 78, 79, 81, 82, 92 and 116; and Sub-council 23 consist of the DA’s Bonita Jacobs for Ward 30, including Manenberg and Sand Industria; 33, 43 and 75.

The Democratic Independent party proposed that Wards 43, 79, 81, 82 and 92 form Sub-council 12; and Wards 33, 75, 76, 78 and 116 form Sub-council 23.

The Patriotic Alliance proposed that Sub-council 12 include Wards 75, 76, 78, 79, 81, 82, 92 and 116; and that Sub-council 23 consist of Wards 30 and 43.

The Cape Independent Party proposed that each of 116 wards have its own sub-council.

These proposals will be advertised in the newspapers for public comment and input.

The draft Sub-council by-law and maps depicting the new proposed sub-councils will be available for scrutiny by the public on the City’s “Have Your Say” website as well as at sub-council offices and the City’s Libraries. This will be available after the advert appears in the newspapers.

The public comment will close on Sunday January 16 next year.

All of the comments will be submitted to the multi-party committee for consideration and they will make a final recommendation to council.

Council will then make a decision on the new boundaries of the new Sub-councils at the council meeting scheduled for Thursday January 27 next year.