Programme hosts family day

Susan Wilson, Martha Smith, Tamia Adams, Bronwyn Swinton, Nikita Arendse and Ashley Potts, from the Mitchell's Plain community police forum.

The Decision Affects Destinies (DAD) youth mentor programme’s family day for young people, their siblings and their parents was hosted by Ward 78 councillor Eddie Andrews on Saturday January 18.

The programme caters for high school pupils aged between 12 and 14 years old, highlighting potential pitfalls, social ills they may face and empowers the pupils to make a decision that yields a positive impact on their destiny.

The integrated life skills engagements focus on self, family and community.

Mr Andrews said the family day was a key part of the DAD programme, “as you cannot assist any pupil without including their family”.

The family fun day afforded families the opportunity to interact informally in a fun, caring and safe manner while focusing on key life skills required to ensure the family structure is healthy and functional.

Pupils interested in joining the programme can contact Mr Andrews on 082 377 1414 for more information.