Programme drills discipline into pupils

Beacon Hill High School has been chosen to be a part of the South African Military Youth Cadets Transforming Intuitive Behavioural Management Initiative Thinking Programme (TIBMIT).

Pupils at Beacon Hill High School will be given access to behaviour management, trauma counselling and support through a new programme.

The school will be taking part in the South African Military Youth Cadets Transforming Intuitive Behavioural Management Initiative Thinking Programme (TIBMIT).

On Tuesday January 24, grade 8 pupils gathered in the school quad to rehearse drills.

Dr General Randall Petersen, South African Military Youth Cadet, founder and national commander of 36 academies nationwide said he is looking forward to working with the pupils.

The South African Military Youth Cadets, with the TIBMIT programme, will help the child in a community affected by crime. This will also help design future ethical leaders, he said.

“Beacon Hill High School is the first school to accept the TIBMIT programme as part of their curriculum to 315 grade 8 pupils at their school,” he said.

“We chose this school as it’s from Mitchell’s Plain which is highly affected by crime and gangsterism,” said Dr General Petersen.

Beacon Hill teacher Zeenatunisa Sydow, said they are focusing on restoring discipline through this programme.

“We want to encourage the necessary skills for our pupils as this is beneficial to them. We needed a way to instil discipline especially with the new group of pupils. This will also help them deal with conflict. This programme is very helpful,” she said.

Most pupils are either living with caregivers or single parents, she said.

“Most of these spaces are drug-infested. They will be empowered, this is life skills and changing their behaviour for good and developing new skills,” she said.

Grade 8 pupil Daniel Prinsloo, who is a group leader in the programme, said he loves drilling and is eager to learn.

“I drilled a lot at primary school. It teaches you discipline, leadership and dedication,” he said.

The two grade 8 leaders in the TIBMIT programme, Khautar De Kock and Daniel Prinsloo.

Leader, Khautar De Kock, grade, said: “I don’t have any drilling history but I look forward to learning. It’s nice to be a part of this. It teaches me leadership skills, how to listen and work with my peers,” she said.

Dr General Petersen said: “Let’s take this school on this project. We are adding value to the school and instilling some necessary skills into the pupils this time around,” said

All schools may apply for the TIBMIT programme at a nominal cost, he said.

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