Producer calls for tracks for album

Das Kapital is calling for submissions for his next album.

In 2016, Do Work Records released Das Kapital Presents Overtime Volume 1: a compilation of 15 recordings which featured a cross section of styles and sounds across the spectrum of South African dance music and electronic artists and producers.

“Volume 2 will take that concept to the next level; bringing together all of South Africa’s dance music scenes, putting them into one album,” says Das Kapital, a Woodstock resident.

He has already started seeding the first component of Volume 2; sourcing tracks from local artists that he himself has collaborated or worked with in the past, and that have made an impact both locally and internationally within their respective scenes including those in house, techno, gqom, beats and half-time, as well as their sub-genres.

The second component will be seeded via submissions from up-and-coming South African producers and artists.

“The result will stand as a time capsule of what South African dance music sounded like in 2017,” says Das Kapital.

Tracks are to be submitted via email to in MP3 format by Friday August 4.

Each submission must be original, and needs to be accompanied by the producer’s full name, DJ name as well as a contact number.

No DataFileHost links will be accepted, and private downloadable SoundCloud links are preferred.

Samples that have not been cleared, remixes, or tracks previously featured or released on streaming sites will not be eligible.