Pro-Palestine demonstration in Montrose Park and Westgate

A pro-Palestine group at Westgate Mall on Saturday May 22.

The community of Montrose Park and Westgate hosted a demonstration on Saturday May 22 to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

One group made their voices heard in Montrose Park on the corner of Samantha Drive and Highlands Drive and another group at Westgate Mall on the corner of Highlands Drive and Jakes Gerwel Drive.

At the corner of Samantha Drive and Highlands Drive, Montrose Park, supporters started at Masjidul Ighwaanul Mosque on Saturday May 22.

There were also other solidarity protests in the area.

Montrose Park resident, Rayaan Safadien, said the cause was to raise awareness and to bring peace in Palestine and the Israeli community. “I feel due to this current period we are in, peace should start being implemented from both parties and to create change for a better future,” he said.

There will be more such gatherings in various locations.

“I hope there will be no more oppression and occupation in Palestine and Gaza and to allow the Palestinian community to do their worshipping freely and not deprive them from using their mosque which is Masjidul Aqsa,” Mr Safadien said.