Portland Block E1 hosts interfaith memorial service

The children in the block did a dance performed a dance taught to them by one of the residents.

The Portland Block E1 held an interfaith memorial service in the Golden Gate Park on Saturday September 18, in honour of all those who had succumbed to Covid-19.

Chairman Pastor Noel Smit, representing Portland Block E1 and the admin team, expressed their sincere gratitude to all the neighbours and friends who had attended the event and “for making it such a tremendous success.”

A special thanks was extended to Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels of the Portland mosque for attending and delivering a keynote address.

Natalie “Bossikop” Smit did a rendition of Leona Lewis’ Footprints in the Sand at the memorial on Saturday September 18.

The young people in the block performed a dance while Natalie “Bossikop” Smit delivered her rendition of Leona Lewis’ Footprints in the Sand.

The organisers also called on more volunteers to join the morning and evening patrols aimed at keeping the community safer.

The block of neighbours let go of balloons in honour of those who had died of Covid-19.

The admin team invites all young people to some programmes and activities that will be running during the week at the Alliance Francaise in Portland for all youth.