Policeman lifts spirits

Chantal Leng, Strandfontein

Good cops are the ones who are passionate about what they do. Bad cops are the ones who take on the job for all the wrong reasons.

We usually refer to bad cops as they are always not doing their jobs properly.

This is just my personal notion, so bite me if you don’t like it.

So, I decided to take a MyCiTi bus from town, wanting to save R16, by not travelling my normal bus route, to Strandfontein.

There are always reasons why things work out the way they do.

So I get to the Town Centre at 7pm and realise there are no more Strandfontein taxis at the taxi rank.

By this time, stress is setting in, as I know chances that I will get another taxi are slim because 15 minutes had already passed.

As I make my way to the library I meet a guy that I grew up with and shame he tries to help me flag down taxis as he is pretty worried about my safety.

Without any luck as they’re all on their way home.

Right then in front of the police station an officer pulls up in the middle of the road with his colleagues and wants to know if this guy, who is a childhood friend, wants to rob me.

I explain my situation.

Eventually the officer tells me he and his colleagues are just going to make their rounds at the Shell garage and the taxi rank; and then if I am still at the library he will give me a lift to my closest destination.

This somehow surprises me a bit as I didn’t think of them as a taxi service.

My childhood friend then walks me back to the terminus, where I had thought there would perhaps be a bus.

He leaves me without knowing whether I did get a bus, as the last one had left at 7pm.

I then walked back to the library in hope that the cop did not just say he would come check if I am still there.

Low and behold he pulls up half way into
the entrance of the Town Centre and says he will drop me at the closest spot where there would perhaps still be taxis.

How blessed did I feel? I hope there are more passionate cops like him.

As we approached Bonjour, a taxi was standing and he flagged the driver down for me.

Mind you it was a Century City taxi not even a Wynberg routed one but that’s a story for another day.

So off I went, I never even got this man’s name or surname, which I eventually will, and will hand him this letter as a form of gratitude.

Because what would I have really done; perhaps gone through more trouble having to pay someone to get me home.

The point I am trying to make is that it was not even his sector but he took the time and effort to get me to my destination safely.

This shows his passion for life and helping others where he can. I want to thank you again and I commend you for that, stay humble and keep up the good work in keeping our communities safe.