Police warn of hijackings

There has been an increase in car hijackings, say Lentegeur police, and reports indicate that the most targeted vehicles are VW Vivos across the different ranges.

While a number of incidents have been reported when the drivers are arriving at or leaving home, parked or stationary vehicles are also being targeted.

In most cases hijackers are armed with firearms, police added.

Police also reported that, in recent operations, they seized large amounts of alcohol and drugs in Eastridge and Rocklands

When they searched a house in Ironwood Street, Eastridge, at 12.50pm on Monday August 19 they more than 48 litres of liquor that was being sold without a licence and arrested a 59-year-old man.

Over this past weekend, Mitchell’s Plain police arrested a man, 33, who had 115 units of heroin and 68 mandrax tablets on him. This happened around 3pm on Sunday August 18 in Korhaan Street, Rocklands.