Police urge public to be more vigilant

This zip-gun was found in Tafelsig.

With the festive season approaching, the police are urging residents to be vigilant.

Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson Captain Ian Williams said residents have to be aware of their surroundings at all times in order to avoid becoming victims of crime, which often spiked during this time of the year.

“History has shown us that during the festive period people tend to be complacent and at times oblivious about their surroundings resulting in them becoming victims of crime,” he said.

He said the police have launched the Safer Festive Season Operation with other law enforcement officers and will be working hard and smart throughout the festive period to ensure that people are and feel safe.

“However, police cannot be in all places at the same time. Therefore, we want to urge people to take cognisance of some of the safety tips that can help prevent them from becoming a statistic,” he said.

A man, aged 31, was arrested for being in possession of a home-made zip gun with one round, in Tafelberg Street, Tafelsig, on Sunday November 27. This happened after Mitchell’s Plain police members conducting crime prevention patrols spotted the man throwing something away and then running off.

Police gave chase and managed to catch the suspect, taking him back to the place where he had thrown the object.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the investigating officer Constable Ashley Campbell on 082 777 8076.