Police efforts prove to be fruitful

Mitchell’s Plain police made several arrests for drug possession over the past week.

A Tafelsig man, 22, was arrested for being in possession of 68 stoppe dagga in Ararat Street on Tuesday April 5.

Mitchell’s Plain police spotted the man selling goods. When the officers approached him, he hid behind an electric box. They searched him and found the dagga stoppe. He will soon appear in court on a charge of drug possession.

On Wednesday, April 6, another Tafelsig man, 33, was arrested for being in possession of 42 bankies of tik in Martine Street. He was arrested on a charge of possession of drugs and will soon appear in court.

Lieutenant Ian Williams, the spokesperson for Mitchell’s Plain police station, said anyone found in possession of illegal substances such as dagga and tik will be criminally prosecuted.

“If you or anyone you know suffers from drug addiction then please contact the South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) or your local rehabilitation centre. Drug and alcohol addiction fuels crime such as domestic violence, assault , theft and robbery as addicts are desperate for money to support their habit. Help is available,” Lieutenant Williams said.

Mitchell’s Plain cluster arrested 247 suspects for drug-related crimes during several crime prevention operations from Friday April 1 to Friday April 7.

The drugs include, 315 heroin units, 1 500 packets tik, 353 mandrax tablets, 137 bunches of khat and 1 147g dagga were confiscated and five firearms were recovered.

In an unrelated incident, members arrested a 31-year-old man for possession of a 9mm firearm in Juno Street, Woodlands, on Thursday April 7.

During a stop-and-search patrol the police stopped a white VW Polo vehicle and found a firearm inside the dashboard.

* The Hawks arrested a pensioner and her daughter in-law for possession of unlicensed firearms, ammunition and drugs in Eastridge on Tuesday April 5, a press release said. The Hawks Narcotic Unit and the police dog unit members arrested the women, aged 63 and 23, in Bitou Street, after a tip-off from the community about suspicious activities at the house.

Two unlicensed firearms, over 90 rounds of ammunition and 800 units of mandrax with an approximate street value of R25 000 were recovered, the release said.

The pair appeared in court on Thursday April 7.

* Mitchell’s Plain police have warned residents that perjury is a serious offence and anyone who make false cases will be criminally charged and arrested.

This comes after a 20-year-old man from Rocklands registered a false case of attempted murder.

Mitchell’s Plain police said the 20 year old alleged that he was approached by four men when walking across Rocklands sports field on Saturday March 12 at about 3.30pm.

According to the man, the men asked him if he belonged to a certain gang. He said when he told them he was not a gang member, one of the suspects lit a petrol bomb and threw it at his chest. The petrol bomb then apparently exploded and he was set alight.

The man was taken to Mitchell’s Plain day hospital for medical attention.

However, Mitchell’s Plain police spokesperson, Lieutenant Ian Williams, said it was discovered during the investigation that the complainant had lied to police and had made a false case. It emerged that he had tried to steal electricity and suffered electric burns as a result.

“This is perjury. The suspect will be criminally prosecuted. If found guilty, the suspect could face imprisonment as part of his sentence,” said Lieutenant Williams.

“Perjury (giving false evidence/testimony) is regarded as a serious offence and persons who make false cases will be criminally charged and arrested. This type of crime results in the wastage of state resources, including manpower, vehicles and time spent on investigations. The investigation of a crime is a serious matter and this type of behaviour will not go unpunished,” he said.