Plan for broken road

Anda Ntsodo, Mayoral committee member for community services

The City of Cape Town would like to elaborate on what is being done for Fisherman’s Lane in Strandfontein, following the article “Damaged beach road angers residents,” (Plainsman, September 7).

We are dealing with the after-effects of a time in the past when roads were constructed without fully understanding how coastal movement can erode structures.

The City of Cape Town is planning to make a large investment in this section of the coast, but we want to do it right this time so that the enhancements are sustainable and we are not faced with the same problems in a few years’ time.

This road is part of a highly dynamic coastline and the damage is the result of wave action on a sandy shore that is undermining hard infrastructure.

The natural wave action has caused holes below the sea wall and as a result the infill supporting the road has washed out, causing the tarred surface to collapse.

Maintaining and repairing the road and trying to keep the sea wall intact is not achievable, as the sea wall is not built on an appropriate foundation.

The City’s sport, recreation and amenities department has therefore proposed the removal of the road and the rehabilitation of the area, while still providing sufficient suitable access to the coastline with recreational opportunities.

The draft design includes the removal of the existing broken road as well as a much-improved recreational area with a boardwalk and viewing decks or piers jutting into the sea for fishing access and vehicle access into the area.

The City intends to put forward three proposed designs for public participation during the course of the current financial year (2016/2017).

Based on the outcome of the public participation process, elements of the three designs will be costed to inform the budget for project implementation and maintenance costs down the line.

We are confident that, with residents’ input, early next year we will be able to come up with a plan that will make this an appealing space in terms of recreation.