’Plain woman makes it to top 16

Krista Jonas is following her dreams.

Hitting all the right notes, Krista Jonas from Eastridge made the top 16 in The Voice South Africa live shows last week.

Krista, 29, is the only person from Mitchell’s Plain, who made the top 16, announced on Sunday April 28.

Growing up, she always wanted to be a psychiatrist, to help people who have suffered from traumatic experiences.

“In my primary school years, I experienced bullying at its worst. They would kick me and hit me. I tried taking my life for the first time at age 13, due to my bullying experience. Thank God I never succeeded in doing this,” said Krista.

She discovered she could sing at the age of 16, when she took to the stage for the first time. She knew this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

“Singing has been a form of healing for me, so one can say I am still a doctor, music heals too,” she said.

Her family loves and supports her achievements, especially her mom, Glenda Jonas, 56, who is her biggest fan.

“I entered The Voice because of my passion for music and my children, Jayden, 3, and Skylar Jonas, 7. Sky is at the age where she wants to be exactly like mommy. I want to show her that girls can do whatever they set their minds to. My son is my pride and joy, and I will instil in him the same principles,” she said.

Krista has always wanted to enter The Voice SA, even though she was afraid of rejection.

“The inner performer in me couldn’t let this opportunity pass me, my motivation in wanting to succeed just wouldn’t allow me to,” she said.

“Being the only one from Mitchell’s Plain is a proud moment for me. We don’t usually get these opportunities. I am so proud to represent my home town – as people often said nothing good comes from Mitchell’s Plain,” she said.

Her mother, said it has been a great experience for her and the family to see how Krista has grown into a performer.

“She was a very shy girl, stood still on stage and sang, today she demands attention. Krista is a people’s person, and she’s very hard working. She always goes after her dreams. I thank the coaches of The Voice SA for giving her the opportunity to explore her talent. My daughter often told me she will make me proud, and that I will see her on TV some day, and here she is accomplishing her goals. I am filled with pride. It is every mother’s dream to see her kids live out their dreams,” said Ms Jonas.

Her future plans are to record her own music, sell out arenas and get the SAMA and Grammy awards.

“Dreaming big is key,” she said.

“To all my Mitchell’s Plain people, nothing is impossible. We are often told that we will not amount to anything, but fight for your dreams, work hard and never give up. No matter how hard it becomes. I was told that I am not good enough for the industry, and doors were closed in my face, but I got up and I fought for my dream. Look at me now, a hit from Mitchell’s Plain on The Voice SA top 16. Go get your dreams,” she said.