Pink Drive reminds women of their worth

Valene Herold and Carl Weber from Strandfontein.

Strandfontein Associated Football Club hosted a Women’s Day event in Pelican Heights on Saturday August 6, to raise funds for Pink Drive.
The event was attended by about 100 women from around Cape Town and was called Women of Worth (WOW).

Organiser Natasha Cyster said the event was hosted to show their appreciation for the soccer moms.

“They were treated to snacks, cake and tea and were entertained by comedian Carl Weber, and singers Greg Brown and Lester Hunter.
The non-profit Pink Drive provides breast cancer education and runs mobile mammography and gynaecology units, with the underlying message that ”Early Detection Saves Lives”.

The Pink Drive units travel across the country, with the aim of providing access to women’s health services to those who do not have medical aid.
These services include free education on women’s health, free mammograms, pap smears, clinical examinations and information on how to do breast self-examinations.

The Pink Drive’s Cape Town branch is headed by Ebrahim Osman.
On why they chose to support the Pink Drive, Ms Cyster said: ”It is important for us to create cancer awareness and the drive does great work. Cancer affects our own families and friends who are yet so young and have a life to live.
“Cancer has affected so many homes and has been the cause of many loved ones passing on.”

Ms Cyster said the reference to Women of Worth reminded women that they were worth a lot and played a vital role in society.

“Ladies, you’re special and most beautifully created by God in your own image, and therefore, (you should) take special care of yourselves, especially your physical form, and being and be mindful of your wellness,” she said.
Shiehaam Ahmed from Strandfontein said she enjoyed the event and hoped it would become an annual one.

“The event was a blessed occasion and I personally enjoyed every minute of it.

“I received only positive feedback about this event and we hope to make this an annual event now for the women of Strandfontein AFC and extended women in our community and surrounds.

“I think an event like this is important to remind the soccer moms, grandmas, aunts and ladies that they are Women of Worth.”