Phone not a good buy

Maga Londt, Strandfontein

Reading about Quaanita Salie, it just confirms that the Hisense brand cellphone is not a good buy (“Yet another case of broken telephone”, Off My Trolley, October 17).

I bought one for my daughter as a birthday gift in October last year. Within four months she had problems with it.

She could not use it at all as a note came up on the screen that it’s only for emergency calls. I went back to the branch in Mitchell’s Plain. I was sent from pillar to post and eventually to the Hisense centre in Milnerton.

The motherboard was messed up I was told and they cleared the phone. Six months later the same thing happened: the motherboard was again cleared. Now I’m hoping for the best as the contract only expires October next year. Telkom also gave me the runaround and I will never deal with them again. They should have given me a new phone, I said, but was told to have it fixed for a second time within a year.