Pets bore the brunt of Guy Fawkes

A Pitbull injured on Guy Fawkes.
The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa says it’s still dealing with the after-effects of Guy Fawkes.

The organisation says they were up well past the early hours of this morning fielding calls from concerned members of the public, dealing with a host of animal related inquiries and several injured animals.

Resource Development and Communications Officer, Allan Perrins, said; “We were hoping for a less eventful Guy Fawkes than previous years but sadly that was not to be. We put in a tremendous pro-active effort to try to educate and mitigate the negative effects of Guy Fawkes, but it would appear as though our message, reinforced by all other animal welfare organisations, mostly fell on deaf ears to the detriment of the majority including Cape Town’s pet and wild animal population.”

In Mitchell’s Plain, an adult female pitbull while trying to escape because the neighbours were allegedly letting of crackers, almost impaled herself on the owners boundary fence, resulting in a serious laceration to her hind leg. 

In Athlone, two dogs escaped their otherwise secure property and when they returned home to their worried owners, they both had serious injuries.
The female is likely to lose her right eye. The other dog has a deep laceration on the bottom jaw. 

“Before Guy Fawkes they were healthy and had a zest for life. Today they are left scarred emotionally and physically and we as rational, law-abiding citizens have to ask why,” said Mr Perrins.