Pensioner’s book takes a look at his spirituality

Westridge author Benjamin Jacobs has penned a book on scriptures, titled The Perfect Stone.

It took a Westridge pensioner three years to put his thoughts into words when he wrote a book on Christian scriptures.

Benjamin Jacobs, 73, would usually write in the morning, when the house was quiet.

The self-published book, titled The Perfect Stone, takes readers on a walk along Blouberg Strand, where Mr Jacobs and his wife Loraine started collecting stones in 2015.

Mr Jacobs, a retired bricklayer by profession, used the colours, shapes and sizes of the stones, to tell the story of his life, challenges he has overcome, his faith and the hope to inspire readers to believe in God.

Mr Jacobs said he wants readers to know that scriptures are timeless and relevant to people’s lives today. “It may not be today or tomorrow but there will be a moment, when you know that God is speaking to you,” he said.

He said believers should stand by their convictions. “I had been led to write what I feel so that another person can be blessed from my experience,” he said.

Mr and Mrs Jacobs have seven children, 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, each of whom he would like to have a copy of this book.

Mr Jacobs has already started planning a second book, looking at the different translations of the Bible.

His first book will be launched at Divine Grace Family Church, Unit 28 BlackBerry Mall (Blou Dakke) in Strandfontein on Saturday March 23 at 5.30pm. For more information, call Mr Jacobs on 081 755 9074.