Pensioner falls prey to thief

A Tafelsig pensioner is appealing to her neighbours and the rest of Mitchell’s Plain to stop falling for the sad stories of strangers knocking on their doors.

Margaret Kolbe, 80, who was recently the victim of theft, said a man came knocking at her door to ask for food but when she turned her back, he stole a cellphone.

“My neighbours have had their washing stolen from their lines,” she said.

Ms Kolbe, who lives with her son, said they only realised later that the cellphone had been stolen.

“I warn Mitchell’s Plain residents. Don’t give them anything. They sell the bread, they ask for soap. Anything they can get their hands on they, sell to feed their habit,” she said.

Her neighbours who refused to be named said they had had appliances, food and laundry stolen.

Captain Ian Williams, spokesman for Mitchell’s Plain police station, said the thieves tended to target the elderly, knocking on their doors to ask for water or bread.

The elderly person usually opens the door and allows the stranger to wait inside the lounge or house, while they go to the kitchen.

“This allows the person to scout and take items such as cellphones, wallets, jewellery and cash,” said Captain Williams.

“It often happens that the stolen items are only missed at a later stage, sometimes weeks later.”

Captain Williams appealed to residents not to let strangers into their homes.

Two arrested on firearm charges

Police were patrolling in Lagonda Crescent, Beacon Valley around 2.30am on Saturday September 1 when they spotted two suspicious-looking men walking in the road. The two then started running and one of the suspects was seen throwing an object into a yard. When police apprehended the suspects and returned with them to the place where the object was thrown, they found a black and silver 9mm pistol the serial number of which had been filed off. The firearm contained a magazine with seven 9mm rounds. Police arrested the two men, aged 26 and 35, who face charges of possession of prohibited firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition. They are expected to appear in court soon.

Drug arrest

During crime prevention operations, around 4.40pm on Saturday September 1, police searched a house in Baviaanskloof Street, Tafelsig, where they found 334 bank bags of dagga, 20 dagga joints, five parcels of dagga and three bags of loose dagga. Police arrested a woman, 38, who appeared in court on Monday September 3.

If you or anyone you know suffers from drug addiction then please contact SANCA (South African National Council on your local rehabilitation centre. Persons found in possession of illegal substances such as dagga will be criminally prosecuted.