Pastors unite in prayer

Pastors from Mitchells Plain gathered at Westridge Gardens to pray for the country, the community and for a stop to the coronavirus spread.

If you drove down Morgenster Road last week, you would have seen 20 pastors praying at Westridge Gardens just before the 21-day national lockdown to curb the coronavirus spread kicked in.

On Thursday March 26, hours before the nationwide lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday March 23, 20 pastors from across Mitchell’s Plain were praying for the country, the Mitchell’s Plain community and a stop to the coronavirus, said Pastor Alfonso Schilder from Mount Hope Church in Woodlands.

Two prayer containers will be made available at AZ Berman Primary School and another prayer room is in the hall upstairs at KFC in the Town Centre after the lockdown period, so that people can come together to pray.

The prayer containers are not open during the lockdown, said Pastor George Paige from House of Healing Lofdal International Church.

Pastor Mark Bloemstein, a member of Mitchell’s Plain Christian Clergy Fraternity, said in this time, church leaders are to encourage their congregations to join the rest of the nation in united prayer from their homes.

“People will be kept informed of prayer points via regional and sub-council WhatsApp chat groups. Staying indoors will be the most important protocol to adhere to, but how do you stay indoors if you need to find food for your family? This reality in our city calls for a comprehensive plan that can cater for this reality,” he said.

He said if the 21-day lockdown is not handled decisively, the country may have to go into a longer lockdown.

“All of us should look at our own needs for growth, our need to build our relationship in our faith, to build our relationships with our families and ourselves during this trying time,” he said.

Beacon Valley Resurrection Project chairman, Dean Ford, said the Covid-19 pandemic is a serious one for all.

“We are called to act wisely and responsibly, as none of us have immunity from sickness and attacks. Our message to the people is not one of fear, but of hope – a call to earnest prayer, to strengthen the family bond and to stand together as a nation, because God will come through for us,” he said.