Park woes unpacked

A meeting was held at the Bashee Close park in Portland on Wednesday March 6.

Residents living near the Bashee Close park in Portland heard last week that their park would be getting a much-needed upgrade.

Pensioner Edmund Andrews said nearly every morning they had to pick up broken bottles left by men drinking in the park.

“We would regularly do this to keep the park clean for the children in the area. Men from other areas come and use this space and it is not safe for our children.

“We also need speed humps in the area, as people come zooming from Tugela Way into Bashee Close. We need more lights for the park as we chase away anyone who is suspicious. We need more security in the area too. The park is situated in an enclosed space and is very quiet.”

Another resident, Debbie Willis, said: “It would be nice to have a safe and clean environment for our children. There is no grass due to the water shortage and sand is blowing everywhere. As a resident in Bashee Close I would like to see this park clean.”

Asa Hendricks, principal of Bashee Educare Centre, said the children at the educare use the park.

“We too have to pick up glass, dirt and bodily waste and make sure the space is good enough for children to play in. The sand ditches and holes in the ground affect the children as well.

“The park is supposed to be there for them. It would be appreciated if something can be done,” said Ms Hendricks.

Eddie Andrews, Ward 78 councillor, said that available funds for upgrading the park will be R45000.

Mr Andrews visited the area and held a meeting at the park on Wednesday March 6 with the residents.

The park upgrade will happen, however, the requested traffic calming measures for speed humps are under investigation by the City of Cape Town’s Transport and Development Authority (TDA).